Monday, August 26, 2013

Nolan's Favorite Dog

In honor of National Dog Day, I thought I’d share with you Nolan’s favorite dog: our German Shepherd, Jetta. Being dog people, after we bought our house in 2009, Adam and I felt the natural next step was to get a dog. We researched different breeds, and given our dog preferences, we decided a German Shepherd was the best fit for us at the time, and given that we wanted to have kids in the future.

 Jetta the day we brought her home.

The puppy days weren't easy, but now four years old, Jetta has turned out to be a great dog for our family. Her temperament is sweet and gentle, but I know she would protect Nolan in a heartbeat. She has loved him since day one.

 I think Nolan was about a week old here.

Now that Nolan’s a little older, I think Jetta enjoys doing things with him, but she’s also learning she has to tolerate a little abuse. Nolan isn’t always the most gentle with her, but she’s very good with him and I never have to worry about her intentionally hurting him. Lately, he's obsessed with seeing her teeth, so he'll smack her in the mouth until she opens up.

 Favorite thing to do together: look out the front door.

 Nolan's like, here take this ball!

 Nolan insisted on holding Jetta's leash during our walk yesterday.

We definitely couldn't have asked for a better dog. I'm so glad Nolan has the opportunity to grow up with Jetta by his side. Dogs rock.

Happy National Dog Day!

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