Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Summer of Nolan -Part 4

Nolan's Summer adventures continue! This past week, we've experienced some trial and error with Nolan. He's constantly changing and growing and keeping us on our toes. And, as with most every week, Nolan had a few fun firsts!

A New Friend

We had some out-of-town friends visit for the day and lucky for Nolan, they brought their daughter, Ava. Nolan normally isn't very social with other kids, but Ava, being younger and smaller than Nolan proved to be a good playmate for him.

Splash Park and Beach

Nolan hasn't been to the splash park since last year. At that time, he wasn't a huge fan, but a year older now, we had high hopes that he would take to it this year. No such luck. There's also a small beach next to the splash park. As I described in a previous post, the beach isn't Nolan's favorite place, but we gave this smaller beach a try. At both the splash park and beach, Nolan acted very... weird. He didn't really want anything to do with the water at the splash park and mostly just stood very still at the edge of the water area. He didn't cry or act upset. He was just very still, stoic, and quiet. We couldn't quite figure out what he was thinking. In hindsight, I think he was just overwhelmed.

This is about as close as he'd get with much persuasion. Bummer...

This was pretty much all he did.
The beach seemed only slightly less overwhelming...

This isn't just a bad picture, this was his face 90% of the time.

Willing to walk with Daddy though.

Nolan visited the library for the first time! This was very exciting for me, as I have very fond memories of going to the library as a kid. I've been eager to introduce Nolan to the library, but because he's a big drooler and book-chewer, I've been hesitant to put borrowed books within his reach. Even this visit didn't include checking out any books. Instead, we went to Toddler Time, a free book-focused activity session.

I was uncertain as to how well Nolan would fit in and be able to keep up with the other kids his age, being the only one with delays. Overall, the event was a success. There were times when Nolan didn't understand or couldn't keep up, but there were also other times he could, and most importantly, I think he enjoyed himself. The library employee read 3 books to the kids, they sang and danced to songs (well, Nolan mostly stood there and watched for this part), and did a crafty-craft.

Waiting for Toddler Time, Nolan was pumped to find a train table unoccupied!

Nolan did surprising well with the coloring part of the craft. He would color the areas I pointed to and didn't try to eat the crayon!

"Show me what you made!" (It's a turtle. I helped with the cutting and gluing.)
Locked Out, Locked In

In my last minute preparations to leave for an appointment one morning, I stepped out on the back deck to let our dog in. I thought Nolan was occupied with a toy, but in the 15 seconds I was gone, he apparently lost interest in the toy, ran into the kitchen and flipped the deadbolt on the back door. Silly me, I didn't take my keys with me to let the dog in, so I was locked out. I tried to coax Nolan into turning it back, but he just kept trying to turn the doorknob. He had no idea what I was trying to get him to do. After encouraging him for several minutes, he seemed to be frightened that I couldn't get in, and he ran into another room. Fortunately, I had my phone in my pocket and was able to call a locksmith (since Adam was at work and would take too long to get home with a key). Thanks, Nolan.

This "being locked out" experience revealed a need to keep Nolan locked in. If the back door is unlocked, Nolan is able to turn the knob and open the door. And, being so obsessed with outside, he is motivated to open the door. Since we now know Nolan can lock the deadbolt, we'd rather not learn the hard way that he can unlock the deadbolt. Sooo.... in attempt to stay one step ahead of him (not always easy to do!), we installed a chain lock out of his reach to keep him from escaping the house.

Garden Park

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have a membership to a local garden park, so we've been visiting frequently. This week, within the first 60 seconds of entering the children's garden, Nolan managed to fall face-first into a flower bed. Fortunately, the fall was soft so he didn't get injured. Unfortunately, he ate some dirt and was blowing muddy boogers the rest of the day. Poor buddy.

He got cleaned up, and moved on, though.

Also on this visit, we discovered Nolan is a huge fan of tea parties for one:

One last sip...
Trial and Error Road Trip

One last adventure this week was a mini road trip to IKEA, but it's kind of a long story so I made it into it's own post. You can read about it here.

And, so, with lots more fun and a little mischief, the Summer of Nolan continues...

Thanks for reading!

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